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Jun 14, 2012

Privacy Enhancement Methods for Surveillance Systems Immune to Security Threats

(Under review)

"IEEE Transaction on Information Forensics and Security" journal (IEEE) - Janusz Cichowski (Politechnika Gdanska, Poland) and Andrzej Czyzewski (Politechnika Gdanska, Poland).

The main focus of the paper concerns methods and algorithms for enhancing privacy in visual surveillance systems. Analysis of possible approaches to smart surveillance systems architectures with regards to personal data protection was made.

A balance between privacy and security is searched for employing three possible solutions presented, each of them using a different hardware and software setup. A short review of some preexisting algorithms implemented to intelligent surveillance systems for object detection and classification, and ROI (regions of interest) estimation was included. A simple and reversible anonymization and digital watermarking-based steganography were studied.

The proposed system architectures accompanied by descriptions of algorithmic background and applied specific mechanisms explaining were included. Summarizing remarks pertaining implementation and research results were added.

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