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May 20, 2013

ADDPRIV presented during SAVASA end user advisory group workshop

Paolo D’Arminio (Anova IT Consulting) and Patrick Murphy (Goldsmith College) presented on May 17th 2103 the interim results of the ADDPRIV project to the end users and ethical experts involved in the SAVASA project advisory group

Last May 17th 2013, in Madrid, Paolo D’Arminio (Anova IT Consulting) and Patrick Murphy (Goldsmith College) presented the interim technical and ethical related results achieved by the project in the framework of the 1st FP7 SAVASA End User and Ethical Advisory Groups workshop.

With the aim of exploiting synergies between complementary projects funded by the European Commission in the security framework, SAVASA and ADDPRIV consortia decided to undertake this concrete action in order to both share the information about technological achievements and discuss about lessons learned in the analysis of ethical aspects related with video-surveillance.

Both ADDPRIV and SAVASA are projects aimed at improving privacy in video-surveillance systems: while the first tackles the complex challenge of finding a balance between security and privacy by automatically determining what is and is not relevant information from asecurity perspective, the second aims at ensuring that security users are restricted to only operate with video archive search applications in a manner consistent with a legal, privacy and ethical framework.

During the event, Mr. D’Arminio presented to the end users that joined the meeting - among them: ATM (Public transport company of Milan, Italy), STIB (Public transport company of Brussels, Belgium) and the Municipal Police Service of Madrid, Spain – the interim technological achievement of the ADDPRIV project. According to the feedback received, the technologies and outcomes presented have been considered very interesting and with a high potential for integration with existing infrastructure by several public and private organizations, confirming ADDPRIV as a project with great economical exploitation possibilities thanks to the fact that it provides practical solutions to the current society’s needs.

In parallel, Mr. Murphy took part to the project Ethical Advisory Group Workshop, presenting the Ethical Scoreboard developed by the ADDPRIV consortium. During the session – led by the international law firm Baker & McKenzie - the basis for a further cooperation focused on ethical aspects have been established, and an assessment of SAVASA technologies against this scoreboard has been considered as possibility.

ADDPRIV faces the challenge of finding the balance between security and privacy in video surveillance, improving current systems based on artificial intelligence applied to the cameras. Thanks to the introduction of the concept of intelligence applied to the complete cameras network, ADDPRIV allows the correlation of informationfrom different sensors, allowing an automatic, accurate and reliable determination of what is and is not relevant information from a security perspective. Any irrelevant information is subsequently deleted. With its technology, ADDPRIV allows achieving a better social acceptance of video surveillance by reducing the Big Brother effect, allowing at the same time,complying with the principles of minimizing personal data collection minimization.

The project, led by Anova IT Consulting (ES), will last 36 months with a total cost of €4 Millions. The partners involved are: Kingston University (UK), Politechnika Gdanska (PL),Lancaster University (UK), Avanzit Tecnología (ES), Hewlett Packard Italiana (IT), SEA Aeroporti di Milano (IT), Renfe Operadora (ES) and Trinity College Dublin (IE).

More information available at ADDPRIV website.

SAVASA is a security research project co-financed by the Eurpoean Commission under the 7th Framework Programme on Security. It proposes the creation of a video archive search platform that allows authorised users to perform semantic queries over various remote and non-interoperable video archives. The project will exploit the current trends in computer vision, video retrieval and semantic video analysis. It is also a goal of the project to ensure that its results can be deployed in distributed systems and as software service.

The SAVASA project, led by IKUSI, counts with a consortium of 11 participants from 5 countries who gather all the necessary background and expertise to achieve the ambitious objectives of the project.

More information available at SAVASA website.

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ADDPRIV presentation

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