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Sep 22, 2013

ADDPRIV last Ethics and End Users Advisory Boards

SEA Milan Airports hosted the third meetings of the Ethics and End Users Advisory Board for the ADDPRIV Project.

On September 12th and 13th SEA Milan Airports hosted the third ADDPRIV Ethics and End Users Advisory Boards, with the participation of several European experts in the field of ethics, security, video surveillance and public transportations.

On September 12th, during the meeting, chaired by Daniel Neyland (Goldsmith College), the Ethics Committee representatives – Julian Prieto Hergueta (Spanish DPA), Alex Tabor (No CCTV), Leon Hempel (Technical University Berlin), Anne Russell (British Information Commissioner) and Sara Stoinich (ATM – Milan Public Transportation) – discussed the advancement of ADDPRIV development using the developed methodology for the Ethical Assessment of the technology.

The participatory meeting led to the identification of improvement actions to be undertaken by the Consortium in order to improve the process for the Ethical Assessment by agreeing the development of a matrix for monitoring the ethical principles in video surveillance.

On September 13th, the third End Users Advisory Board meeting of the project took place. Led by Mr. Paolo D’Arminio (ADDPRIV Project Coordinator), it counted with the participation of Francisco Prada San Román (Spanish Policia Nacional), Federico Leone (ATM – Milan Public Transportation), Marcella Scuccimarra (SEA Milan Airports) and Jose Luis Lastra (Renfe Operadora).

During the meeting, a live demo of the technology developed (performed by ADDPRIV technical partner HP) was performed and used as basis in order to discuss with the experts the main functional benefits and limits for a technology such as the one developed. Together with a big interests for the participants involved, some issues arose about the role in security of, for instance, public transportation organizations (mere images collector and saver that makes them available to public forces when required). Interesting ideas were generated about the use of the privacy-enhanced technology in logistic processes within the organizations – these ideas will be taken into account in the future plan for the commercial exploitation of the technology currently under development.

Thanks to the introduction of the concept of intelligence applied to the complete cameras network, ADDPRIV allows the correlation of information from different sensors, allowing an automatic, accurate and reliable determination of what is and is not relevant information from a security perspective. Any irrelevant information is subsequently deleted. With its technology, ADDPRIV allows achieving a better social acceptance of video surveillance by reducing the Big Brother effect, allowing at the same time, complying with the principles of minimizing personal data collection minimization.

The project, led by Anova IT Consulting (ES), will last 36 months with a total cost of €4 Millions. The partners involved are: Kingston University (UK), Politechnika Gdanska (PL), Goldsmith College (UK), Avanzit Tecnología (ES), Hewlett Packard Italiana (IT), SEA Aeroporti di Milano (IT), Renfe Operadora (ES) and Trinity College Dublin (IE).

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