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Dec 12, 2013

The ADDPRIV project has engaged with several funded projects

INDECT, SAVASA, SURVEILLE, CONSIDER and SAPIENT are some of the FP7 projects with which cooperation links have been established.

The FP7 project ADDPRIV, during its 28 months of project execution, has entered in contact and collaborated with several EU FP7 funded projects creating synergies in the development of “smart” videosurveillance algorithms and methodologies and knowledge for an ethic and privacy sensitive video-surveillance.

At technical level, through the cooperation of the GDANSK project partner, ADDPRIV partially build on the results of the INDECT project for the Event Detection component. INDECT is a research project that investigates intelligent security systems and the potential to develop solutions and tools for automatic threat detection. Its objective is to develop advanced algorithms to support decision making in combating terrorism and other criminal activities and to contribute, through innovation and technology, to guarantee the security around the European Union. Its accuracy depends on precision of localization and tracking of crucial elements of the image. Some of these technologies have been taken on board in ADDPRIV, allowing building results and already tested and reliable technologies.

Through the cooperation of another project partner, RENFE, ADDPRIV entered in contact with the SAVASA project consortium. SAVASA is a project which is conducting research aimed at developing a platform that can improve video archive, search integration and capacity. Results of the ADDPRIV technology development and testing were presented to the end users and ethical experts involved in the SAVASA project advisory group. According to feedback received from the presentation, members of the assembly considered the ADDPRIV technology and outcomes of testing as potentially useful for video surveillance and could envision circumstances where ADDPRIV could be integrated with existing video surveillance infrastructure by both public and private organizations.

The FP7 CONSIDER project contacted ADDPRIV halfway through the project’s activity and opened discussions regarding using ADDPRIV as an exemplar of how to foster engagement between multiple and distinct partners in a single project. ADDPRIV has become one of the key case-studies for CONSIDER, demonstrating how the project as made a positive contribution to the development of a model for Civil Society Organization engagement in research by developing its own methods.

SAPIENT is a collaborative project that aims to develop an assessment of how and when smart surveillance should be used, its characteristics to be effective and to adapt to changing situations rapidly. The partner GOLDSMITH from ADDPRIV entered in contact with the SAPIENT project consortium in order to share knowledge acquired on the theme and enrich the two consortia results.

ADDPRIV addresses the challenge of determining through an automatic, accurate and reliable manner, which information obtained from a distributed system of surveillance cameras is relevant from the security perspective and which is not, and can be safely deleted, reducing unnecessary data storage and protecting citizens’ privacy rights. ADDPRIV fulfil with the European Legislation in terms of Privacy Protection and with the principles of personal data recollection minimization, improving the social acceptability of video-surveillance technologies.

The project, led by Anova IT Consulting (ES), will last 36 months with a total cost of €4 Millions. The partners involved are: Kingston University (UK), Politechnika Gdanska (PL), Goldsmith College (UK), Avanzit Tecnología (ES), Hewlett Packard Italiana (IT), SEA Aeroporti di Milano (IT), Renfe Operadora (ES) and Trinity College Dublin (IE).

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