Categories: General
      Date: Jan 13, 2014
     Title: ADDPRIV prototype is evaluated in Milan-Linate Airport

ADDPRIV Consortium will meet in Milan Linate Airport to test the ADDPRIV system.

On 14th, 15th and 16th of January, the main representatives of the ADDPRIV Consortium will meet in Milan Linate Airport in order to evaluate the video-surveillance system prototype developed during the project implementation.

During these three days, testing and calibration activities will be carried on the developed algorithms, as well as several tests with end users of the solution, continually checking that the ADDPRIV system will be efficient and effective, and will will be able to be completely integrated into entities' security processes.

ADDPRIV addresses the challenge of determining through an automatic, accurate and reliable manner, which information obtained from a distributed system of surveillance cameras is relevant from the security perspective and which is not, and can be safely deleted, reducing unnecessary data storage and protecting citizens’ privacy rights. ADDPRIV fulfil with the European Legislation in terms of Privacy Protection and with the principles of personal data recollection minimization, improving the social acceptability of video-surveillance technologies.

The project, led by Anova IT Consulting (ES), will last 36 months with a total cost of €4 Millions. The partners involved are: Kingston University (UK), Politechnika Gdanska (PL), Goldsmith College (UK), Avanzit Tecnología (ES), Hewlett Packard Italiana (IT), SEA Aeroporti di Milano (IT), Renfe Operadora (ES) and Trinity College Dublin (IE).