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General Media Appearance

7 May
    ADDPRIV project is presented in the Communicating Innovation Conference

Columns Hall of the Circle of Fine Arts (MAdrid, Spain) – Anova IT Consulting (Spain).


24 Oct
    ADDPRIV project in TVP1

Wiadomosci TVP1 (Main Polish television news service).


12 Apr
    ADDPRIV in the Spanish newspaper "El País"

The Spanish daily newspaper “El País” published an article presenting Anova IT Consulting and its involvements in the project ADDPRIV..


14 Mar
    ADDPRIV project in Tecnoalcalá Magazine

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain published on its website an article presenting the ADDPRIV project, underlying how it seeks to improve public safety by ensuring the individuals' privacy right.


13 Mar
    ADDPRIV project in AEDEL web portal

Paloma Llaneza, lawyer and President of AEDEL, announces on the association's website, her joining of the ADDPRIV project's Ethics Committee.


ADDPRIV presentation

Latest News

Feb 20, 2014

New testing session for the ADDPRIV consortium in Milan Linate airport

The consortium partners are further testing the privacy sensitive technology of ADDPRIV in order to increase its stability in real environment

Jan 13, 2014

ADDPRIV prototype is evaluated in Milan-Linate Airport

ADDPRIV Consortium will meet in Milan Linate Airport to test the ADDPRIV system.

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