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ADDPRIV tackles the complex challenge of balancing security and privacy in video-surveillance. This is achieved by using artificial intelligence to analyse the video data from a multi-camera network.

Thanks to the introduction of the concept of intelligence applied to the complete cameras network, ADDPRIV allows the correlation of information for different sensors, allowing an automatic, accurate and reliable determination of what is and is not relevant information from a security perspective. Any irrelevant information is subsequently deleted.

ADDPRIV automatically detects potentially suspicious situations and generates a sequence of images that recollects all the visual information related to the event.

ADDPRIV is an effective video-surveillance system designed to respect citizens’ right to privacy through the use of:

  • Efficiency indicators – determined by organizations responsible for the management of video-surveillance systems.
  • Social and ethical impact indicators – determined by data protection and privacy experts, and ethical experts working in the area of human rights and civil liberties, in the form of an ethical framework defining specific criteria that the system must adhere to in terms of data and images storage and selection.

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Latest News

Feb 20, 2014

New testing session for the ADDPRIV consortium in Milan Linate airport

The consortium partners are further testing the privacy sensitive technology of ADDPRIV in order to increase its stability in real environment

Jan 13, 2014

ADDPRIV prototype is evaluated in Milan-Linate Airport

ADDPRIV Consortium will meet in Milan Linate Airport to test the ADDPRIV system.

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