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Project Structure: WP4

WP 4: "Intelligent storage and secure deletion technologies"

  • Development of an intelligent storage algorithm for data labeling and sorting according to the relevancy of the images.
  • Implementation of data access management rights according to data relevancy (data labeled as no relevant no access, data classified as relevant accessible for authorized personnel only).
  • Definition of the technical specifications to ensure the interoperability of the system.
  • Implementation of communication interfaces between the intelligent storage and the secure deletion subsystems.
  • Development of new knowledge for secure erase of video surveillance files to be applied on solid state drives and optimized for operation in video surveillance.

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Latest News

Feb 20, 2014

New testing session for the ADDPRIV consortium in Milan Linate airport

The consortium partners are further testing the privacy sensitive technology of ADDPRIV in order to increase its stability in real environment

Jan 13, 2014

ADDPRIV prototype is evaluated in Milan-Linate Airport

ADDPRIV Consortium will meet in Milan Linate Airport to test the ADDPRIV system.

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